The color of the skin

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The color of the skin

One of the biggest difficulties is to determine your color of the skin, the lightness and temperature. How to do it?

Advice 1. Use bright daylight to analyze the color of the skin. Artificial lighting does not fit. Stand in front of the window, and it's best that you do not get straight rays.
Advice 2. On the skin of the face are often present redness, rashes; under the eyes — dark circles. It is better to navigate the unflattered parts of the body: the line of the chin, the skin on the neck, and the armpits.

How to determine the lightness of the skin?

  • The simplest way is the comparison. To do this, you can use the color scale of von Lushan or the the phototype scale of Fitzpatrick. And you can put another person next to you, or better a few — so immediately it will be clear how light you are or how dark

The Fitzpatrick Scale

  •  You can use automatic color detection, for example, using the mobile application Live palettes, you can hover the camera cursor on your skin and see the determined color, its code.

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How to determine the temperature of the skin?

The temperature of the skin is determined by hemoglobin (gives the skin a red tint), carotene (responsible for the yellow tint) and melanin (brown tint). The warm skin is one that has a yellowish tone. Olive, pinkish shades are cold skin. Determining the temperature is easiest in the same way by comparing with another person. For example: Arya Stark has the warm undertones of the skin (yellowish undertone). Sansa Stark has the cold skin undertones (pinkish undertone).




  • You can bring a white sheet of paper to your face — it's easier to distinguish shades
  • «Gold /Silver». What jewelry do you like more? Gold or silver? You can try it on, you can imagine it in your mind. If you are more suited to gold jewelry — you have a warm tone, if silver — cold.
  • The veins serve as an excellent guide! Consider the veins on your arms. The blue speaks about the cold undertone, the green ones — about the heat. By the way, not only the veins, but also the color of the lips, the color of the skin on the hair parting and even the color of the nail. 
If you decide on the skin temperature is very difficult, perhaps you have a neutral undertone (greyish skin, in winter, due to lack of sunlight, many residents of the middle band shade the skin becomes grayish).
Determined with the lightness and temperature of the skin, you will not be mistaken with the choice of the desired shade of tonal remedy. At tonal means of warm shades usually in the name there is «golden», at cold shades — «beige», «natural beige».
More details on how to navigate in the choice of tonal means you will learn from the next article.

Eugene Malikova, makeup artist


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